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Here’s is a checklist on how to compare good and bad debt relief services.

1. Fee

How much should be charged

What about OVLG

As per the industry standard. (Low to moderate) Charges moderate fees

2. Advance fee

Should it be charged?

What about OVLG

It has been banned by the FTC Doesn’t charge upfront fee

3. Free counseling

Should it be given?

Does OVLG offer it?

You must get it to choose the right solution FCs give it before giving any solution

4. Accreditation

What to check

What about OVLG

Cal Chamber Member
CalBar registered
BBB accredited
Cal Chamber Member
CalBar registered

5. Online reviews

What to check

What about OVLG

More positive feedback and less negative feedback 350+ live reviews from clients

6. Account access

What is the law?

Does OVLG give you account access?

You must be able to access your money whenever you want Gives full account access

7. Refund policy

Should you get it?

Does OVLG offer this policy?

Morally, you must get a refund when satisfied 100% Refund is given when the result is unsatisfactory

8. Experience

Does it matter?

Is OVLG an experienced firm?

No of years in the industry matters since it helps companies to solve all problems. Has 8 years of industry experience

9. Transparency

Why is it important?

Does OVLG have a transparent work methodology?

You have the right to know what’s happening in your case. Full. You can monitor your case anytime.

10. Trust Account

Where should you have it?

Where does OVLG have trust account?

Must be in a FDIC insured bank Trust account is in BOA

11. FTC Laws

How much are they important?

Is OVLG a FTC compliant firm?

Must follow the FTC laws Follows FTC laws carefully

12. Tenure of program

Should you be informed?

Will you get an idea from OVLG?

A FTC compliant company is required to reveal the tenure of the program Tells you how long you need to pay for the program

13. Law firm

Why a law firm is the best?

Is OVLG a law firm?

A law firm can give you proper legal expertise Registered with CalBar & CalChamber

14. Options

How many is good?

What do you get in OVLG?

The more options, the better. Has Waterfall Approach to debt free life

15. Program cost

Should you have an idea?

Does OVLG give you a clear idea?

As per the FTC, you must be told about the total program cost Gives an idea beforehand

16. Privacy

Why is it essential?

Does OVLG have a privacy policy?

Confidentiality is imp as your financial details can be misused Has a strong privacy policy

17. Written agreement

Should you need one?

Will you get one from OVLG?

Nothing is valid without a written agreement Gives an agreement online and explains the terms

18. Bankruptcy help

Is it compulsory?

Does OVLG offer bankruptcy services?

It is not mandatory. Offers bankruptcy help when nothing works

19. Truthful claims

What should you check?

Does OVLG misrepresent facts?

There shouldn’t be any misrepresentation of facts. Doesn’t twist facts.

20. Tax consequence

Should you be notified about it?

Does OVLG notify you?

You’ve to pay tax when you save above 600. You must be notified about it. Notifies tax consequences beforehand

21. Customer support

Is it mandatory or optional?

Do you get customer support from OVLG?

It is mandatory. There should be someone to solve your queries. Clients come first. Gives online support 24*7

22. Attorneys

Why it is a must

Does OVLG have a legal team?

It is a must since they have good negotiation skills and legal knowledge Has an attorney hub

23. Non profit status

What to check

What about OVLG

They must be registered as IRS 501 (C) 3 organization It’s a for-profit company

24. Location

Why it is important


Can you locate OVLG?

A company without a valid address is likely to be a scam Has a proper address

OVLG Oaki is here

Gone through my checklist? Okay. Now compare any debt relief company with OVLG on the basis of number of (√) and (x) they get against each other. Sign up with the company that gets maximum (√).

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Give one (√) or (x) for each criteria in the checklist

  • If the company gets between 20-24 (√) - Very good/best
  • If the company gets between 15-20 (√) - Good
  • If the company gets between 10-15 (√) - Bad
  • If the company gets between 5-10 (√) - Worst

Get the right roadmap to debt free life.

Last Updated on: Thu, 26 Apr 2018